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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

This depends on the individual and the difficulty. Sometimes people come for an unspecified time, others prefer to work within a fixed time frame.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are held one or twice a week, to suit you, they last 50 minutes, and cost £50 per session. Payment is made at the end of each session. I make concessions for clients on a very low income, students or unemployed. Clients who needs to come twice a week, are charged £70 for both sessions.

Further information

Have a look at the links on "contact me" page at the end of this website.

How do I know if I need professional help?

When people first get in touch I ask them to come and meet me for assessment. This is to find out what the problem is and for you to meet me. The assessment usually takes about an hour and at the end we discuss how we can go forward

Sometimes we just can’t sort problems out on our own. Talking to a good friend or a walk in the country simply won’t take the pain away. Even getting out of bed and taking a shower can seem like climbing a mountain. That’s when professional help is needed. Counselling and psychotherapy can heal emotional wounds and ease psychological pain. Therapy can get us back on top of things again, it helps us resume our normal lives and get back on track with our loved ones. We can begin to understand our relationships. We can discover who we really are and what we really want from our lives.


How does it work?

It will help you to talk in a safe and confidential environment where you feel valued and respected. Your self esteem will begin to climb. You are a unique individual and your therapy has to be the same.
You will discover what makes you happy and what makes you sad. By sharing your emotional pain and feelings you will change and transform, new neural pathways will be formed in your brain and in this way you can grow to your full potential.

My approach to therapy is integrative. Different approaches of therapy can be entwined to suit a particular problem or difficulty. I can use a psycho-dynamic approach to consider relationships that were made in your original family and how you use these relationships in your adult life. I use the theory of attachment noting childhood blueprints that have been created when you were very young to understand how you act and react with other people. How you experience emotions in your body is also very important and I consider this in therapy too. Remember when you last had butterflies in your stomach of felt sick with nerves? Occasionally words just aren’t enough though and if you want, you can draw or paint your feelings.

It's as if we are on a journey together. As you travel I can support you. After a while you will begin to find your own way until we reach a crossroads, where you know which road to take, and we then say goodbye.

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